Ben Shine

How good are headlines? Answer: very good

Godfather of the Vegas bender, inventor of Gonzo journalism and all-round legend Hunter S. Thompson once described sports writers as “a rude & brainless subculture of fascist drunks”.


As a man who began and finished his career as a sports journalist, with a shit-tonne of drugs and alcohol sandwiched in between, he is undoubedtly qualified to make such a statement.


Although far less qualified, the scribes at the Sporting Regard occasionally take time to criticise, and occasionally praise, sports journalists.


Below are two fine examples of sports headlines that recently caught our attention for all the right reasons. Take a bow responsible journalists/sub-editors.


First off the rank we have the Sydney Morning Herald, showcasing some classic rugby league logic.



Wise words of wisdom indeed from the sage that is Josh Dugan.

Next we have the Daily Mail Online, which has come up with this amazingly ballsy pre-Ashes boast. Do insults come any more hurtful than calling someone a “dingo”? I doubt it.

Daily Mail Ashes

Note: I genuinely think this is a good sledge.

Further note: You’re all a pack of f*cking dingos.


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