Sam Perry

A Message from the Founder of TSR


This morning I shook hands with Dave Edwards. It’s something I normally do when I see him, but this time it was for reasons beyond introductory protocol in predominately western male culture.

You see, this morning Ben Shine and I agreed to merge The Sporting Regard with The Public Apology.

The decision further readies The Sporting Regard for 2020, and positions us positively for the Asian Century.

We firmly believe this move represents a win for our loyal fanbase and a win for the Australian obscurist sporting blogosphere generally. Of course, we all know how much Australians like to win.

Winning is all that truly matters in sport.

Winning is all that truly matters in sport.

The Sporting Regard title will remain under TPA Media Holdings as we continue discussions on the optimal utilization of our new multi-brand portfolio.

It is with clear hearts, deep integrity and prolific ego that we reached the decision. As always, we asked ourselves: what would Katich do?

The answer, if you don’t already know it yet, was clear: merge.

We will publish the media release in full upon release.

Yours in sport,
Sam Perry


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