About Us

Our ‘Values Set’

The Sporting Regard plays home to a pretty esoteric, unreasoned glance at sport. Maybe other stuff too.

We look to ridicule the crushing stereotypes of Australian sport, yet the joke is on us because we’re at the unadulterated mercy of sport.

We are desperate lovers of sport who are probably broken and embittered. We are hurt. We will keep coming back.

Our opinions will carry a flicker of logic and inevitably drift off into the abyss of claptrap – a result of the aforementioned brokenness.

Sport needs more characters: If this blog were a player, he’d be ill disciplined but capable of the mercurial. This player would also inappropriately mouth-off but hopefully command affection from true fans.

If this blog were a music genre, it would probably be called alt-sport.

We don’t really know what’s wrong with sport – there is probably nothing wrong with it – it’s actually deeply incredible – but it’s not how it was. This is our problem, not sports’. Still, listen to us.

We are not into our 30s but we are traditionalists.

We will continually view sport through the prism of the absent minded professor – because even though he is usually wrong – once every so often he will sound like a genius.

Occasionally we will say something pragmatic because we still want to be one of the boys.

Please Regard our Beliefs:

Professionalism and money are probably bad for sport – but God the Premier League is good. The NBA and MLB aren’t bad either.

Rupert Murdoch destroyed the soul of Rugby League, but we’d struggle to go a day without Foxtel.

Nothing will ever be as good as 90s sport because that’s when we grew up and our teams won all the time.

Of course we only use sporting clichés ironically, though privately this is the extent of our literary ability.

If you’re playing touch footy, don’t put shitty little grubbers through 5 metres out to score. There’s no skill to it.


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